Editorial Standards

Although a husband and wife team, we still felt it was important to have incredibly high editorial standards for Big Little Travels.

That means we go to huge lengths to ensure the information provided in each and every post is accurate and written from personal experience.

We also review each others work and double check facts for accuracy.


Where possible (and that’s most of the time) we use our own imagery from our own trips. There are odd occasions where it makes sense to use stock images or images from social media – but we will credit these when used.

For the most part, the images and videos you see on the website and our Instagram page are our own.

Written Content

We both write the content for Big Little Travels. The author of each post is shown on the page in question and both of us have own author pages where you can find all of our work.

There may be times where we have brought in additional writers who have expert knowledge in certain areas – and where this is the case we will credit the author in question.

With this being said, we wanted Big Little Travels to be a labour of love – and therefore the majority of the written content on the website is written by one of us.

Our Values & Standards

The content we create here always attempts to stay true to our core values and should meet our high editorial standards.

Our core values include:

  • Always writing from experience
  • Give an impartial and unbiased opinion based on our own experiences
  • Inspire others to want to travel and explore
  • Inform our readers of useful pieces of knowledge that makes travel easier

Our editorial standards include:

  • Honesty and impartiality above all else
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Facts should come before opinions
  • Write what we would like to read ourselves
  • Write in an informative and conversational style

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and find our editorial standards to meet what we have laid out above.