Best Rooftop Bars In Madrid

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Madrid is a city known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning cityscape. Rooftop bars in Madrid offer a unique way to experience the city’s charm. These spots provide not only fantastic drinks but also breathtaking views.

Looking for the best rooftop bars in Madrid? This article will guide you through some of our top recommendations where you can relax and soak up the stunning panoramas of the Spanish capital. From hidden gems to popular favourites, these venues promise an unforgettable evening.

1: 360º Rooftop Bar (Hotel Riu Plaza)

I recently visited the 360º Rooftop Bar in Madrid, and it instantly became one of my favourite spots. It’s located in the iconic Edificio España on the 27th floor, offering a amazing view of the city skyline.

The panoramic views are stunning, especially during sunset. The live music and concerts enhance the overall experience, making it a perfect place to relax with friends.

With a selection of quality drinks and tasty Spanish tapas, it’s easy to spend hours here. The glass walkway is particularly exciting, giving you the feeling of walking above Madrid.

Hotel Riu Plaza, Madrid bridge with glass floor

The rooftop bar is open daily from 11:00 to 02:00 (last access at 01:00). Entry costs vary, but you can often get in for €5-€10 depending on the time and day.

Location: C/ del Maestro Guerrero, s/n, Centro, Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 919 19 33 93
Website: Visit Website

2: El Cielo De Chicote

Map Cielo de Chicote

El Cielo de Chicote is on the top floor of Hotel Montera and the lift ride is the start of the experience, with a glass wall to the elevator you see a modern mural as you ascend to the 10th floor.

The staff are extremely friendly and immediately make you feel welcome as you select which view of the city you would prefer. They offer a array of delicious food and cocktails to be enjoyed while gazing down Grand Via or looking up at the grand building that is the home to Fundación Telefónica.

The chilled atmosphere and excellent service are what makes this one of the top rooftops in Madrid.

Cielo de Chicote rooftop bar with glass of rose wine

Location:  C. de la Montera, 47, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 919 04 99 07

Website:  Visit Website

3: Vincci Rooftop Bar, Gran Vía

When I stepped into the Vincci Rooftop Bar, the views left me speechless. Located on Gran Vía, this rooftop bar is a perfect spot to relax and take in the city skyline after a spot of shopping. The setting is modern and comfortable, making it a great place to unwind after a long day.

The atmosphere at Vincci Rooftop Bar is welcoming and friendly. The staff are attentive and make sure you have everything you need. I especially enjoyed the selection of drinks they offer. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail or something more unique, you’ll find it here.

The rooftop terrace is definitely the highlight. With cosy seating areas and a relaxed vibe, it’s an ideal place to enjoy a drink while watching the sunset over Madrid. There’s also a bar lounge indoors if the weather isn’t great.

Location: Gran Vía, 66, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Website: Visit Website

4: Secret Rooftop Garden

If you are after something a bit different then this is the rooftop bar for you. It is hidden away above the accessories shop Salvador Bachiller on Calle Montera. When you enter from the lift hidden at the back of the shop you feel like you are walking into a oasis in the middle of the city, with plants and flowers surrounding you.

The little garden has a quirky cocktail menu served in cute little tea cups and vintage glasses. Its also has a food menu which does great brunches and tapas.

An adorable little roof top bar that is a true hidden gem.

Secret Garden in Salvador Bachiller, Madrid a pretty rooftop with flowers and plants

Location: C. de la Montera, 37, Planta 3, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Contact : +34 911 17 25 40

Website: Visit Website

5: Bar Terraza Roof Top

Bar Terraza Roof Top offers a fantastic view of Madrid. The bar sits on top of a building in the city centre. I loved the relaxed vibe and the panoramic views.

The menu includes a variety of drinks. I was particularly impressed by the cocktails. Each was expertly crafted and tasted delicious. The bar staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

Seating is comfortable, making it easy to unwind. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a drink with a view, this is a great choice. The atmosphere is perfect for both tourists and locals.

Bar Terraza Roof Top

Location: C. de San Bernardo, 1, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain

6: Azotea del Círculo

Walking into Azotea del Círculo, I was immediately struck by the stunning views of Madrid. This rooftop bar sits at the top of the illustrious Círculo de Bellas Artes building, offering nearly 360-degree views of the city’s skyline so it’s a great place to take in the sunset.

The menu at Azotea del Círculo features innovative Spanish cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. I enjoyed some delightful tapas, each dish harmoniously blending traditional flavours with modern touches.

To complement the food, the bar offers an impressive selection of cocktails. Sipping a well-crafted cocktail while gazing over Madrid’s rooftops was an experience to remember. The blend of excellent drinks and breathtaking views makes this spot truly special.

People relaxing and enjoying the view at Azotea del Círculo, Madrid

Location: Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, C. del Marqués de Casa Riera, 2, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 915 30 17 61
Website: Visit Website

7: La Terraza del Urban

La Terraza del Urban offers a chic atmosphere perfect for relaxing with friends. This stylish rooftop bar is located within Hotel Urban, right in the middle of Madrid. The modern sharing plates here are delicious, and the drinks menu is extensive.

The view from the terrace is stunning, showcasing Madrid’s beautiful cityscape. The music from their live DJ sessions on Friday and Saturday nights adds to the vibrant ambiance, making it a great spot for a night out.

La Terraza del Urban rooftop bar in Marid

Location: Cra de S. Jerónimo, 34, Centro, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 917 87 77 70
Website: Visit Website

8: Ella Sky Bar Madrid

Ella Sky Bar Madrid is a gem in the heart of Madrid. It’s located on the 10th floor of a historic building, offering stunning views of Callao Square and the iconic Schweppes sign. The atmosphere is both stylish and relaxing, making it a perfect spot for any time of day.

Dining here is a treat. The tapas, seafood, and meat plates are delicious, and the cocktails are expertly crafted. I particularly enjoyed their brunch at the weekend, which featured a wide selection of dishes for a reasonable price.

Ella Sky Bar also hosts an evening chilling session that is not to be missed. Sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset over Madrid is simply magical. The rooftop terrace is an oasis amidst the bustling city, providing a unique vantage point and a break from the typical city scene.

View of Grand Via from Ella Sky Bar with wine and tapas

Location: Gran Vía, 42, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 914 67 45 62
Website: Visit Website

9: Axel Hotel Sky Bar

I recently visited the Axel Hotel Sky Bar in Madrid, and it was a fantastic experience. Located in the vibrant Centro area, this rooftop bar offers an escape from the busy city life. The rooftop terrace is stunning, providing both daytime relaxation and night-time entertainment.

During the day, you can lounge on sunbeds and take a dip in the heated pool. Even on colder days, the warm water makes swimming enjoyable. As the sun sets, the Sky Bar transforms into a lively spot with great drinks and a buzzing atmosphere, perfect for a night out.

Axel Sky Bar with people on loungers sunbathing and a cocktail in the foreground

Location: C. de Atocha, 49, Centro, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 910 88 33 80
Website: Visit Website

10: La Terraza de Óscar

La Terraza de Óscar, located at the top of the Room Mate Óscar Hotel, offers one of the best rooftop experiences in Madrid. The panoramic 360º views of the skyline are simply breathtaking.

The space is stylishly decorated, making it the perfect spot for a relaxed evening with friends.

The bar is known for its trendy cocktails and vibrant atmosphere. I enjoyed a refreshing mojito while lounging by the pool, which is a highlight of the terrace.

It’s easy to see why locals recommend this place for an evening out. The staff were friendly and attentive, enhancing the overall experience.

If you’re keen on brunch, La Terraza de Óscar also provides a delightful Saturday brunch option. The combination of good food, great drinks, and stunning views makes it a must-visit when in Madrid.

La Terraza de Óscar with views over Madrid from luxurious seating

Location: Pl. de Pedro Zerolo, 12, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 917 01 10 69
Website: Visit Website

The Best Time To Visit Rooftop Bars

When planning to visit rooftop bars in Madrid, it’s crucial to consider the weather and peak times. These factors can greatly influence your experience.

Weather Considerations

Madrid enjoys mostly sunny weather throughout the year, but summers can be scorching.

The best months to visit rooftop bars are during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October).

During these periods, temperatures are milder, making outdoor activities much more enjoyable.

In spring, you can expect temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. This is perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink with a view.

Autumn brings similar weather, with cool breezes in the evening, ideal for unwinding after a day of sightseeing.

Winter can be chilly, dropping to around 6°C to 12°C. Some rooftop bars may offer blankets or heaters, but it’s still less comfortable than the warmer months.

Peak Seasons And Hours

Madrid’s rooftop bars are particularly busy during the tourist seasons, especially in summer and around major holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Visiting during weekdays can help avoid the crowds. Weekends tend to be packed, especially in the evenings.

Happy hours, usually between 5 PM and 8 PM, are less crowded and often provide better deals on drinks.

By arriving early, you can snag the best seats and enjoy a quieter atmosphere. For a lively experience, late nights (after 9 PM) are ideal, but be prepared for a bustling crowd.

If you prefer a more relaxed visit, aim for late afternoons where the bars are quieter, and you still get to enjoy the stunning sunset views over Madrid.

Atmosphere And Ambiance

Madrid’s rooftop bars offer a mix of vibrant music, chic decor, and a lively crowd. Here’s what you can expect in terms of both music and overall vibe.

Music And Entertainment

Many rooftop bars in Madrid feature live DJs or special musical guests. You might find anything from laid-back jazz during sunset to upbeat dance music as the night progresses.

At some venues like Gymage Lounge Resort, music varies throughout the week.

Rooftop bars such as the Azotea del Círculo often have themed nights. This brings a refreshing variety to your evening depending on the day you visit.

Live performances or traditional Spanish music can sometimes be part of the experience. Most bars also have high-quality sound systems to ensure you enjoy the tunes without them being too overpowering.

Crowd And Vibe

The crowd at Madrid’s rooftop bars is a mix of locals and tourists looking to relax and enjoy the city’s views.

Places like Círculo de Bellas Artes often attract a diverse group, ranging from young professionals to tourists.

Each bar has its own unique vibe. Some spots, like Picalagartos Sky Bar, have a more sophisticated and upscale feel, ideal for a classy night out.

Others, such as La Terraza de Oscar, are more laid-back, perfect for a casual evening with friends.

Craft Cocktails

The rooftop bars in Madrid are renowned for their craft cocktails.

Bartenders here take pride in creating unique mixes that are both visually appealing and delicious.

For instance, at 360º Rooftop Bar, you can enjoy a beautifully layered Mojito or a Cosmopolitan, each with a twist of fresh, local ingredients.

Many bars also feature custom creations tied to the bar’s theme. At Picalagartos Sky Bar, the Pica Pineapple cocktail is a must-try. This drink combines fresh pineapple juice, rum, and a hint of coconut.

The mixology skills on display ensure that every cocktail served is not just a drink but an experience.

I was also impressed by how sustainable practices are incorporated into cocktail creation.

Places like Riu Plaza España’s rooftop bar use locally sourced herbs and fruits. This not only enhances the flavours but also supports local producers, making your drink choice a more eco-friendly one.

Local Specialties

For those looking to immerse themselves in local culture, many rooftop bars offer drinks that highlight traditional flavours and ingredients.

A popular choice is the Tinto de Verano, a refreshing blend of red wine and lemonade. Many places, like Azotea del Círculo, offer this alongside a variety of tapas.

I highly recommend trying the Vermouth on tap, a staple in Spanish aperitifs. At Casa Suecia Rooftop, the vermouth is served with a selection of olives and cured meats.

Some bars even offer local craft beers.

At La Terraza del Urban, you can sip on Madrid Lager, a crisp and flavourful beer, while enjoying panoramic city views.

In addition, traditional Spanish Sangria is often crafted with extra flair, like the Sangria Blanca at Gymage Terrace, which features white wine and seasonal fruits. This variation provides a lighter, zestier take on the classic drink.